2D Wholebody Keypoint Datasets

It is recommended to symlink the dataset root to $MMPOSE/data. If your folder structure is different, you may need to change the corresponding paths in config files.

MMPose supported datasets:


  title={Whole-Body Human Pose Estimation in the Wild},
  author={Jin, Sheng and Xu, Lumin and Xu, Jin and Wang, Can and Liu, Wentao and Qian, Chen and Ouyang, Wanli and Luo, Ping},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)},

For COCO-WholeBody datatset, images can be downloaded from COCO download, 2017 Train/Val is needed for COCO keypoints training and validation. Download COCO-WholeBody annotations for COCO-WholeBody annotations for Train / Validation (Google Drive). Download person detection result of COCO val2017 from OneDrive or GoogleDrive. Download and extract them under $MMPOSE/data, and make them look like this:

├── mmpose
├── docs
├── tests
├── tools
├── configs
`── data
    │── coco
        │-- annotations
        │   │-- coco_wholebody_train_v1.0.json
        │   |-- coco_wholebody_val_v1.0.json
        |-- person_detection_results
        |   |-- COCO_val2017_detections_AP_H_56_person.json
        │-- train2017
        │   │-- 000000000009.jpg
        │   │-- 000000000025.jpg
        │   │-- 000000000030.jpg
        │   │-- ...
        `-- val2017
            │-- 000000000139.jpg
            │-- 000000000285.jpg
            │-- 000000000632.jpg
            │-- ...

Please also install the latest version of Extended COCO API (version>=1.5) to support COCO-WholeBody evaluation:

pip install xtcocotools