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Source code for mmpose.apis.webcam.nodes.visualizer_nodes.object_visualizer_node

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
from itertools import groupby
from typing import Dict, List, Optional, Tuple, Union

import numpy as np
from mmcv import color_val

from mmpose.core import imshow_bboxes, imshow_keypoints
from mmpose.datasets import DatasetInfo
from ...utils import FrameMessage
from ..base_visualizer_node import BaseVisualizerNode
from ..registry import NODES

[docs]@NODES.register_module() class ObjectVisualizerNode(BaseVisualizerNode): """Visualize the bounding box and keypoints of objects. Args: name (str): The node name (also thread name) input_buffer (str): The name of the input buffer output_buffer (str|list): The name(s) of the output buffer(s) enable_key (str|int, optional): Set a hot-key to toggle enable/disable of the node. If an int value is given, it will be treated as an ascii code of a key. Please note: (1) If ``enable_key`` is set, the ``bypass()`` method need to be overridden to define the node behavior when disabled; (2) Some hot-keys are reserved for particular use. For example: 'q', 'Q' and 27 are used for exiting. Default: ``None`` enable (bool): Default enable/disable status. Default: ``True`` show_bbox (bool): Set ``True`` to show the bboxes of detection objects. Default: ``True`` show_keypoint (bool): Set ``True`` to show the pose estimation results. Default: ``True`` must_have_bbox (bool): Only show objects with keypoints. Default: ``False`` kpt_thr (float): The threshold of keypoint score. Default: 0.3 radius (int): The radius of keypoint. Default: 4 thickness (int): The thickness of skeleton. Default: 2 bbox_color (str|tuple|dict): The color of bboxes. If a single color is given (a str like 'green' or a BGR tuple like (0, 255, 0)), it will be used for all bboxes. If a dict is given, it will be used as a map from class labels to bbox colors. If not given, a default color map will be used. Default: ``None`` Example:: >>> cfg = dict( ... type='ObjectVisualizerNode', ... name='object visualizer', ... enable_key='v', ... enable=True, ... show_bbox=True, ... must_have_keypoint=False, ... show_keypoint=True, ... input_buffer='frame', ... output_buffer='vis') >>> from mmpose.apis.webcam.nodes import NODES >>> node = NODES.build(cfg) """ default_bbox_color = { 'person': (148, 139, 255), 'cat': (255, 255, 0), 'dog': (255, 255, 0), } def __init__(self, name: str, input_buffer: str, output_buffer: Union[str, List[str]], enable_key: Optional[Union[str, int]] = None, enable: bool = True, show_bbox: bool = True, show_keypoint: bool = True, must_have_keypoint: bool = False, kpt_thr: float = 0.3, radius: int = 4, thickness: int = 2, bbox_color: Optional[Union[str, Tuple, Dict]] = None): super().__init__( name=name, input_buffer=input_buffer, output_buffer=output_buffer, enable_key=enable_key, enable=enable) self.kpt_thr = kpt_thr self.radius = radius self.thickness = thickness self.show_bbox = show_bbox self.show_keypoint = show_keypoint self.must_have_keypoint = must_have_keypoint if bbox_color is None: self.bbox_color = self.default_bbox_color elif isinstance(bbox_color, dict): self.bbox_color = {k: color_val(v) for k, v in bbox_color.items()} else: self.bbox_color = color_val(bbox_color) def _draw_bbox(self, canvas: np.ndarray, input_msg: FrameMessage): """Draw object bboxes.""" if self.must_have_keypoint: objects = input_msg.get_objects( lambda x: 'bbox' in x and 'keypoints' in x) else: objects = input_msg.get_objects(lambda x: 'bbox' in x) # return if there is no detected objects if not objects: return canvas bboxes = [obj['bbox'] for obj in objects] labels = [obj.get('label', None) for obj in objects] default_color = (0, 255, 0) # Get bbox colors if isinstance(self.bbox_color, dict): colors = [ self.bbox_color.get(label, default_color) for label in labels ] else: colors = self.bbox_color imshow_bboxes( canvas, np.vstack(bboxes), labels=labels, colors=colors, text_color='white', font_scale=0.5, show=False) return canvas def _draw_keypoint(self, canvas: np.ndarray, input_msg: FrameMessage): """Draw object keypoints.""" objects = input_msg.get_objects(lambda x: 'pose_model_cfg' in x) # return if there is no object with keypoints if not objects: return canvas for model_cfg, group in groupby(objects, lambda x: x['pose_model_cfg']): dataset_info = DatasetInfo(model_cfg.dataset_info) keypoints = [obj['keypoints'] for obj in group] imshow_keypoints( canvas, keypoints, skeleton=dataset_info.skeleton, kpt_score_thr=0.3, pose_kpt_color=dataset_info.pose_kpt_color, pose_link_color=dataset_info.pose_link_color, radius=self.radius, thickness=self.thickness) return canvas
[docs] def draw(self, input_msg: FrameMessage) -> np.ndarray: canvas = input_msg.get_image() if self.show_bbox: canvas = self._draw_bbox(canvas, input_msg) if self.show_keypoint: canvas = self._draw_keypoint(canvas, input_msg) return canvas
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