class str, input_buffer: str, output_buffer: Union[str, List[str]], enable_key: Optional[Union[str, int]] = None, enable: bool = True, content_lines: Optional[List[str]] = None, x_offset: int = 20, y_offset: int = 20, y_delta: int = 15, text_color: Union[str, Tuple[int, int, int]] = 'black', background_color: Union[str, Tuple[int, int, int]] = (255, 183, 0), text_scale: float = 0.4)[source]

Show text messages in the frame.

  • name (str) – The node name (also thread name)

  • input_buffer (str) – The name of the input buffer

  • output_buffer (str|list) – The name(s) of the output buffer(s)

  • enable_key (str|int, optional) – Set a hot-key to toggle enable/disable of the node. If an int value is given, it will be treated as an ascii code of a key. Please note: (1) If enable_key is set, the bypass() method need to be overridden to define the node behavior when disabled; (2) Some hot-keys are reserved for particular use. For example: ‘q’, ‘Q’ and 27 are used for exiting. Default: None

  • enable (bool) – Default enable/disable status. Default: True

  • content_lines (list[str], optional) – The lines of text message to show in the frame. If not given, a default message will be shown. Default: None

  • x_offset (int) – The position of the notice board’s left border in pixels. Default: 20

  • y_offset (int) – The position of the notice board’s top border in pixels. Default: 20

  • y_delta (int) – The line height in pixels. Default: 15

  • text_color (str|tuple) – The font color represented in a color name or a BGR tuple. Default: 'black'

  • backbround_color (str|tuple) – The background color represented in a color name or a BGR tuple. Default: (255, 183, 0)

  • text_scale (float) – The font scale factor that is multiplied by the base size. Default: 0.4

>>> cfg = dict(
...     type='NoticeBoardNode',
...     name='instruction',
...     enable_key='h',
...     enable=True,
...     input_buffer='vis_bigeye',
...     output_buffer='vis_notice',
...     content_lines=[
...         'This is a demo for pose visualization and simple image '
...         'effects. Have fun!', '', 'Hot-keys:',
...         '"v": Pose estimation result visualization',
...         '"s": Sunglasses effect B-)', '"b": Big-eye effect 0_0',
...         '"h": Show help information',
...         '"m": Show diagnostic information', '"q": Exit'
...     ],
... )
>>> from import NODES
>>> node =

Draw on the frame image of the input FrameMessage.


input_msg (FrameMessage) – The message of the frame to draw on


The processed image.

Return type


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