Posetrack18 Dataset

Posewarper + Hrnet + Posetrack18 on Posetrack18

PoseWarper (NeurIPS'2019)
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HRNet (CVPR'2019)
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PoseTrack18 (CVPR'2018)
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COCO (ECCV'2014)
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Note that the training of PoseWarper can be split into two stages.

The first-stage is trained with the pre-trained checkpoint on COCO dataset, and the main backbone is fine-tuned on PoseTrack18 in a single-frame setting.

The second-stage is trained with the last checkpoint from the first stage, and the warping offsets are learned in a multi-frame setting while the backbone is frozen.

Results on PoseTrack2018 val with ground-truth bounding boxes

Arch Input Size Head Shou Elb Wri Hip Knee Ankl Total ckpt log
pose_hrnet_w48 384x288 88.2 90.3 86.1 81.6 81.8 83.8 81.5 85.0 ckpt log

Results on PoseTrack2018 val with precomputed human bounding boxes from PoseWarper supplementary data files from this link1.

Arch Input Size Head Shou Elb Wri Hip Knee Ankl Total ckpt log
pose_hrnet_w48 384x288 81.8 85.6 82.7 77.2 76.8 79.0 74.4 79.8 ckpt log

1 Please download the precomputed human bounding boxes on PoseTrack2018 val from $PoseWarper_supp_files/posetrack18_precomputed_boxes/val_boxes.json and place it here: $mmpose/data/posetrack18/posetrack18_precomputed_boxes/val_boxes.json to be consistent with the config. Please refer to DATA Preparation for more detail about data preparation.

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