mmpose.datasets.dataset_wrappers 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.

from copy import deepcopy
from typing import Any, Callable, List, Tuple, Union

from mmengine.dataset import BaseDataset
from mmengine.registry import build_from_cfg

from mmpose.registry import DATASETS
from .datasets.utils import parse_pose_metainfo

[文档]@DATASETS.register_module() class CombinedDataset(BaseDataset): """A wrapper of combined dataset. Args: metainfo (dict): The meta information of combined dataset. datasets (list): The configs of datasets to be combined. pipeline (list, optional): Processing pipeline. Defaults to []. """ def __init__(self, metainfo: dict, datasets: list, pipeline: List[Union[dict, Callable]] = [], **kwargs): self.datasets = [] for cfg in datasets: dataset = build_from_cfg(cfg, DATASETS) self.datasets.append(dataset) self._lens = [len(dataset) for dataset in self.datasets] self._len = sum(self._lens) super(CombinedDataset, self).__init__(pipeline=pipeline, **kwargs) self._metainfo = parse_pose_metainfo(metainfo) @property def metainfo(self): return deepcopy(self._metainfo) def __len__(self): return self._len def _get_subset_index(self, index: int) -> Tuple[int, int]: """Given a data sample's global index, return the index of the sub- dataset the data sample belongs to, and the local index within that sub-dataset. Args: index (int): The global data sample index Returns: tuple[int, int]: - subset_index (int): The index of the sub-dataset - local_index (int): The index of the data sample within the sub-dataset """ if index >= len(self) or index < -len(self): raise ValueError( f'index({index}) is out of bounds for dataset with ' f'length({len(self)}).') if index < 0: index = index + len(self) subset_index = 0 while index >= self._lens[subset_index]: index -= self._lens[subset_index] subset_index += 1 return subset_index, index
[文档] def prepare_data(self, idx: int) -> Any: """Get data processed by ``self.pipeline``.The source dataset is depending on the index. Args: idx (int): The index of ``data_info``. Returns: Any: Depends on ``self.pipeline``. """ data_info = self.get_data_info(idx) return self.pipeline(data_info)
[文档] def get_data_info(self, idx: int) -> dict: """Get annotation by index. Args: idx (int): Global index of ``CombinedDataset``. Returns: dict: The idx-th annotation of the datasets. """ subset_idx, sample_idx = self._get_subset_index(idx) # Get data sample processed by ``subset.pipeline`` data_info = self.datasets[subset_idx][sample_idx] # Add metainfo items that are required in the pipeline and the model metainfo_keys = [ 'upper_body_ids', 'lower_body_ids', 'flip_pairs', 'dataset_keypoint_weights', 'flip_indices' ] for key in metainfo_keys: data_info[key] = deepcopy(self._metainfo[key]) return data_info
[文档] def full_init(self): """Fully initialize all sub datasets.""" if self._fully_initialized: return for dataset in self.datasets: dataset.full_init() self._fully_initialized = True
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