mmpose.models.losses.ae_loss 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.

from typing import List, Union

import torch
import torch.nn as nn
import torch.nn.functional as F
from torch import Tensor

from mmpose.registry import MODELS

[文档]@MODELS.register_module() class AssociativeEmbeddingLoss(nn.Module): """Associative Embedding loss. Details can be found in `Associative Embedding <>`_ Note: - batch size: B - instance number: N - keypoint number: K - keypoint dimension: D - embedding tag dimension: L - heatmap size: [W, H] Args: loss_weight (float): Weight of the loss. Defaults to 1.0 push_loss_factor (float): A factor that controls the weight between the push loss and the pull loss. Defaults to 0.5 """ def __init__(self, loss_weight: float = 1.0, push_loss_factor: float = 0.5) -> None: super().__init__() self.loss_weight = loss_weight self.push_loss_factor = push_loss_factor def _ae_loss_per_image(self, tags: Tensor, keypoint_indices: Tensor): """Compute associative embedding loss for one image. Args: tags (Tensor): Tagging heatmaps in shape (K*L, H, W) keypoint_indices (Tensor): Ground-truth keypint position indices in shape (N, K, 2) """ K = keypoint_indices.shape[1] C, H, W = tags.shape L = C // K tags = tags.view(L, K, H * W) instance_tags = [] instance_kpt_tags = [] for keypoint_indices_n in keypoint_indices: _kpt_tags = [] for k in range(K): if keypoint_indices_n[k, 1]: _kpt_tags.append(tags[:, k, keypoint_indices_n[k, 0]]) if _kpt_tags: kpt_tags = torch.stack(_kpt_tags) instance_kpt_tags.append(kpt_tags) instance_tags.append(kpt_tags.mean(dim=0)) N = len(instance_kpt_tags) # number of instances with valid keypoints if N == 0: pull_loss = tags.new_zeros(size=(), requires_grad=True) push_loss = tags.new_zeros(size=(), requires_grad=True) else: pull_loss = sum( F.mse_loss(_kpt_tags, _tag.expand_as(_kpt_tags)) for (_kpt_tags, _tag) in zip(instance_kpt_tags, instance_tags)) if N == 1: push_loss = tags.new_zeros(size=(), requires_grad=True) else: tag_mat = torch.stack(instance_tags) # (N, L) diff = tag_mat[None] - tag_mat[:, None] # (N, N, L) push_loss = torch.sum(torch.exp(-diff.pow(2))) # normalization eps = 1e-6 pull_loss = pull_loss / (N + eps) push_loss = push_loss / ((N - 1) * N + eps) return pull_loss, push_loss
[文档] def forward(self, tags: Tensor, keypoint_indices: Union[List[Tensor], Tensor]): """Compute associative embedding loss on a batch of data. Args: tags (Tensor): Tagging heatmaps in shape (B, L*K, H, W) keypoint_indices (Tensor|List[Tensor]): Ground-truth keypint position indices represented by a Tensor in shape (B, N, K, 2), or a list of B Tensors in shape (N_i, K, 2) Each keypoint's index is represented as [i, v], where i is the position index in the heatmap (:math:`i=y*w+x`) and v is the visibility Returns: tuple: - pull_loss (Tensor) - push_loss (Tensor) """ assert tags.shape[0] == len(keypoint_indices) pull_loss = 0. push_loss = 0. for i in range(tags.shape[0]): _pull, _push = self._ae_loss_per_image(tags[i], keypoint_indices[i]) pull_loss += _pull * self.loss_weight push_loss += _push * self.loss_weight * self.push_loss_factor return pull_loss, push_loss
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